Dinner At War

Kits used in this diorama.

  • Tamiya Military Miniatures No:35129 German Soldiers At Rest
  • Zvezda No: 3607 German Motorcycle R12 with Sidecar and Crew
  • Miniart No: 35547 Brick Wall

The quality of all three kits are pretty good. Generally, the surfaces were smooth and clean.

The facial expressions of Tamiya’s figures are different in each. Positioning the figures is quite easy. Tamiya box contents include bread, pans, food boxes, etc. It was very nice to come out with such details.

The Zvezda motorcycle rider is also made to fit perfectly. In the Zvezda box, there are 2 figures and 1 pig besides a BMW motorcycle. It can be done by choosing the desired version. The construction of the motorcycle is of medium difficulty, but still very detailed. With a little work, you can get very successful results.

The wall has a very simple structure in Miniart standards and is vacuum shaped. There are 6 full wall pieces and 4 half wall pieces in the box. These are combined in pairs and made as front and back. The wall length can be doubled if something is designed so that the rear sides are not visible. Lamp posts come out of the box, but I only used 1 half wall and corner in this diorama.

The walls can be freely painted. Miniart’s own site also shows some techniques for painting walls. After applying the first coat of paint, I prefer to paint bricks in different shades and to use different pigments in between.

In this diorama, I also used a light as an extra. An assembly consisting of a light bulb and an on-off switch, which is very simple and inexpensive. I gave some shape to the cotton I placed on the bulb and painted it red and yellow.

The result is a beautiful diorama with inexpensive kits that look good in the dark.

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