Road to Victory 1945

In this diorama 10th Armored Division 55th Armored Engineer Battalion HQ Company No:40 is going to action.

In early February 1945, the 10th reassembled at Metz and was able to rest briefly after rejoining the XX Corps. On 20 February 1945, the 10th again attacked the German defenses. In one day, they broke the German lines, and after 48 hours, the division advanced 85 miles, overran the Saar-Moselle Triangle, and reached the Saar River. The 10th then crossed the Saar and captured Trier and a bridge across the Moselle River. The loss of this heavily defended city caused German defenses to collapse. Generals Dwight Eisenhower and Patton visited the 10th Armored Division to congratulate them. [1]

Copyright by – Richard James Molloy

Following kits are used in the diorama:

  • Miniart 36020 Village Road w/ Ruined House
  • Tamiya U.S. 6×6 Cargo Truck
  • Miniart 35200 U.S. Soldiers at Rest
  • Masterbox 35176 The Price of war European Civilian
  • Tamiya Allied Vehicle Accessory Set

*[1] Buckheit, John (July–August 1992). “10th AD Tigers Missed Credit For Valiant Fight at Bastogne” (PDF). ArmorCI (4): 41–43.
* wikipedia

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